User agreement

Home User agreement

1.1. This User Agreement (“Agreement”) refers to the Internet website at
1.2. When signing up to the project, the “User”, or the Client/ Project Participant, fully and irrevocably agrees to all the provisions of this Agreement.
1.3. Persons admitted to the participation in the project shall be of age.


2.1. The purpose of this Agreement is to give User access to the services offered on the Website.
2.2. Access to the Website and the services is free of charge, requires no paid membership and has no post-paid billing system.
2.3. This Agreement is a public offer. By receiving access to the Company Website, the User becomes a party to this Agreement.


3.1. To give the User full access to the services on the website.
3.2. The Administration undertakes to accrue and pay out the revenues in conformity with the investment marketing policy of the Company.
3.3. The Administration shall maintain the due functioning of the Website.
3.4. Ellir LTD bears no responsibility for any loss or theft of the Client’s personal data.
3.5. The Company accepts digital currency through the above-stated Website only.
3.6. The Administration shall not disclose the information to third persons.
3.7. The Company may block the User account if the terms of use of the Website are not complied with. The breach of terms includes: defamation of the Administration, spamming, hacking, or any other damage to the project.


4.1. To access the Website after signing up.
4.2. The User may require the project team to comply with the terms of this Agreement.
4.3. The User may choose any of the investment plans offered and available at the moment.
4.4. Make use of any services offered on the Website.
4.5. The User may share information by any convenient means.
4.6. The User may take out the interest accrued, in compliance with any applicable limits established by the Company, using the same digital currency that was deposited initially.
4.7. Provide, at the request of the Website Administration, any information directly relating to the services offered on the Website.
4.8. Do nothing that may be considered as hindering the normal functioning of the Website.
4.9. Never disclose any confidential information on any natural or legal persons through the Website.
4.10. Don't use any means of access, purchase, copying or tracking the contents of the Website.
4.11. Don't disturb the due functioning of the Website.
4.12. Don't use unauthorized access to any functions of the Website and to any services offered.
4.13. Don't break the security or authentication system.
4.14. Each User may have only one account in the project. If any multiple accounts are found, the Administration reserves the right to block such accounts without returning the deposit amounts. 


5.1. The Website and its contents are owned and administered by the Administration.
5.2. The contents of the Website are copyrighted.
5.3. The User bears personal responsibility for keeping the confidential information related to the account, including the password, and for any actions and operations of whatever nature done on behalf of the Account User.
5.4. The User shall immediately inform the Administration of any unauthorized use of the User’s account or password or of any other security breach.


6.1. The User recognizes and acknowledges that he is fully aware of the risks related to any investment in the project.
6.2. The Administration bears responsibility in case of any financial loss and undertakes to return the funds in full in case of the system breakdown.


7.1. The Administration of the Website has the right to disclose any information collected in respect of the User of the Website, if such disclosure is required under an investigation or a claim regarding unauthorized use of the Website or for the purpose of identifying the User.
7.2. The Administration may, with no prior notice to the User, deny or block access to the Website, if the User is in breach of this Agreement.
7.3. The Administration is not liable to the User or to third persons for denied access to the Website in case of breach by the User of any provision of this Agreement. 


8.1. The Administration of the Website accepts no counter offers from the User regarding any amendment of this Agreement.
8.2. The feedback posted on the Website is not considered as confidential information and may be used by the Administration with no restrictions.