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About us

Ellir is a team of professionals who earn on the crypto currency, using their long experience and professionalism. In addition to using our own knowledge, we have developed a tool that has no analogues in the world. Namely, the use of a neural network - which is capable of processing large amounts of information and trading on a crypto currency with minimal risk. Every day the network develops, it becomes better and brings even more income. Read more



We offer a three-level affiliate program of two types.

NORMAL 3% Level 1 1% Level 2 1% Level 3

Besides, the most active investors investing more than 500$ are invited to join an expanded affiliate program.

VIP 5% Level 1 2% Level 2 1% Level 3


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  • Today Paid: $16 775.85
  • Total payout: $155 305.67
  • Deposits amount: $355 426.66
  • Total deposits:3 530