Home FAQ
  • What is the business of your company?
    Ellir LTD trades in cryptocurrency at stock markets.
  • What is your goal?
    Our main goal is to create one of the best companies-players with e-currency in the world.
  • Is the company officially recognized?
    Yes, our company is officially registered in the United Kingdom under No. 10971588. To check the information, please visit: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10971588
  • Your website is protected against hacker attacks?
    Yes, our website meets the applicable standards and is hosted on a private server with DDoS attack and SSL certificate ensuring the highest level of protection.
  • How to create a personal account?
    Click on the "Registration" link, fill in all the fields and click the "Sign Up" button.
  • I forgot the login or password from my personal account, what should I do?
    Check if you filled in your Username and Password correctly. If you cannot login into your personal account, use the proposed form to reset your personal data. A recovery message with login/password will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • Do I need to pay to registration for the service?
    Creating an account is absolutely free.
  • Who can become a private investor?
    The service offers participation for any person who is of age.
  • Can I have more than one personal account?
    The service offers only one unique personal account for each participant.
  • Is it possible to change my personal data after registration in the service?
    Once you are registered, you can modify your personal data.
  • How can I invest?
    To begin investing, please sign in, refill your account and choose an investment plan that suits you more.
  • What payment processors can be used?
    Customers can add funds using PerfectMoney, ADVcash, Bitcoin, and Payeer.
  • What investment plans do you offer?
    We offer four investment plans:
    1. MINIMAL: for 7 days at 112%. Payments are daily. The body is included in the payments.
    2. STABLE: 14 days at 130%. Payments are daily. The body is included in the payments.
    3. ADVANCED: 15 days at 140%. 15 days at 140%. Payments are daily. The body at the end of the term.
    4. PREMIUM: 30 days at 200%. Payments are daily. The body at the end of the term.
  • When do I receive first payment?
    The accrual of interest of deposits is carried out at 12:00 of the server time simultaneously to all on the next day after opening. In the "Deposits" section you have to add to the Balance. From the Balance, you can withdraw your money to your electronic wallets.
  • I have paid up an investment plan but I have changed my mind. May I ask for a return?
    The system has no early return option.
  • How does profit accrual take place?
    Profits are made accessible according to your chosen investment plan.
  • How can I withdraw my funds?
    To withdraw funds from your account, you should click the "Withdraw" button, enter the desired amount, specify the payment system and press the confirmation button.
  • How long does it take to withdraw funds?
    Our system provides automatic payment. As a rule, the money is credited to your wallet immediately after the request is formed. In some cases the request may be processed manually within 24 hours.
  • What is the minimum and maximum amount of withdrawal of funds?
    The minimum amount for withdrawal of funds is $1. There is no maximum limit.
  • Do you offer a partnership program?
    Yes. Customers can receive a steady additional income by inviting their colleagues, friends or acquaintances.
  • What conditions do you offer?
    You will receive a commission of 3% of each deposit made by your partners in the first level standard program, 1% for each deposit made by your partners in the second level standard program, and 1% for each deposit made by your partners in the third level standard program. The commission for VIP program deposits is: 5% from the first level, 2% from the second level and 1% from the third level.
  • Do I have to have an active deposit to participate in the partnership program?
    To participate in the standard partnership program, no contribution is needed. In order to receive partner’s compensation in the VIP program, you will need to place a deposit of $500 or more.
  • Is inviting other people for participation in affiliate program a requirement?
    Inviting other participants is not required, but can be a good tool to earn extra funds. As soon as you sign in you will see the banners and your affiliate link. Signing in using the affiliate link and creation of multiple accounts is strictly forbidden.

Still have questions? Please, contact the Client Support.