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Cryptocurrency is a massive income generation technology. It’s not common money, but electronic (digital) one. Cryptocurrency is not issued by bank, and doesn’t depend on monetary policy of any state. Emission of cryptocurrency is carried out only in digital form. Everyone has potentially a possibility to generate cryptocurrency (do mining). Neither geopolitics, nor production steam or wars can influence on digital currency. As a result cryptocurrency rate is established solely by the law of economics. Everything depends on demand and supply.

There are stock exchanges in the computer networks to purchase, sell or exchange digital currency. Capital is never frozen in such stock exchanges, moreover such stock exchanges are anonymous.

Popularity and a vast amount of news about electronic currency in the mass media facilitate increasing number of people on the exchange trading marketplaces who want to earn more. But many people loss their money because of lack of knowledge of main rules of the game.

About Us

You are welcome to ELLIR LTD, established in United Kingdom, which has gained among users such special features as reliability and a high level of security. Founded in 2017, our company up to today has a seat on the large cryptocurrency exchange. To earn income it’s necessary to buy cryptocurrency low and sell high or to sell high and then buy low. Difference between the purchase price and sale price makes up our income.

The Company is governed by the main rules of secure trading:

  • You buy when currency depreciates and sell when currency appreciates.
  • Don’t try to catch the minimum and the maximum.
  • Don’t play on short distances with low volumes of trading.
  • In no cases you mustn’t play one only direction for the whole bank.
  • You should always write down strategies and warrants.
  • Don’t believe in what is being discussed in the exchange chat.

Our Company employs specialists from various parts of the world like the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation, India, Great Britain, the United States of America and Malaysia. Many different languages are used: English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Italian etc. All employers of the Company are well-qualified and have an individual access to any of their client.

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days per week so that our users can get good benefit.

Why we need it?

Electronic currency is as sensitive to change of purchase and sale rate as the common one, not only every day but several times a day. To get a good profit from cryptocurrency one should bear in mind that there are risks that should be foreseen and calculated. Moreover it is necessary to monitor the market and develop meticulously analytical forecasts.

Our main goal is to create one of the best companies playing with electronic currency in the world. To achieve this goal we need investments both from the companies and the individuals.

Our employers carefully analyze currencies and choose the most favorable conditions for investing. The goal of the investment fond is to minimize risks and to provide daily income for our investors by involving additional private investments and further re-investment of available capital. Private investments help us and investor in their turn have a good income.